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My username is Kakashi I am new to starsim and am wanting to find a more organized and milsim type of way to the play the game. I’m experienced in milsim through hundreds of hours in arma 3 and being in different units. I’m a very big star wars fan and I love how star citizen lets you become what you want to be in this new futuristic universe. I’m looking forward to play with like-minded guys!

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Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries and welcome to this adventure we call Star Citizen! Ask any questions you may have and if you need backup never hesitate to ask in discord, mumble, or here in the forums!

Welcome to ADI and The Verse @iKakashi. Yo;u’ve arrived at a great time and looking forward to getting you into the swing of things with the crew.

Welcome iKakashi! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Howdy kakashi. Welcome on the flight deck and thank you for choosing our organisation. See you in the verse

Hey iKakashi, not long joined myself so welcome to ADI and see you on SC

Welcome, iKakashi! You’re in the right place for milsim and organized game-play. We run operations just about every weekend to help everyone get practice collaborating and communicating. This will put us in a good place to hit the ground running when the game goes live. Glad to have you hear and I look forward to seeing you around. Again, welcome to ADI.

Welcome iKakashi,
many of us here are from arma and other sim type games. If they can pull this off it will be like star wars galaxies but on a completely new level. I hope to see you around, if you need any tips or help feel free to reach out.

@iKakashi, welcome to ADI! You have found the right place for what you’re looking for! See ya in the verse!

Welcome iKakashi. I think you’ll like the organizational structure here and it’s always great to see experienced milsimmers join the ranks.

Hi and Awelsome to ADI. Orangised group lay is our thing so you found the right place!

Welcome to the org Kakashi! You’ll like it here if you like group play.

Welcome to the org iKakashi. Sounds like you will fit right in…I hope to see you out there!

Welcome to the team, Kakashi! With your Arma background definitely work with Fleet Security to see if there are areas that can be improved upon. Until the game is fully fleshed out it’ll be difficult to develop too many TTPs, but it never hurts to be a little proactive.

You mentioned you’re a big Star Wars fan, what are your thoughts on Fallen Order?

Greetings iKakashi and welcome to ADI. we certainly wont disappoint you in the realm of organized play! look forward to seeing you out in the verse!

I’m interested in fallen order since it is giving me uncharted vibes and that series was one of my favorite from playstation

Welcome to ADI iKakashi. Thank you for joining up. I’m sorry I’m late in welcoming you. I look forward to playing with you in-game.

Greetings @iKakashi, welcome to ADI and thanks for signing up with us. I think you’ll find a lot of like minded folks in our org , and I wish you the best of luck in the future. If you ever see me around Mumble, please stop by and say hello!

Welcome to ADI IKakashi, see you in the verse

And a big fan of the Icha Icha novel series, I reckon? :wink: Welcome, mate :slight_smile:

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