IAE 2951 upgrading

Hello fellow citizens.

Quick questions.

  1. If you go to purchase a ship not on warbond. And don’t have enough credit, can you make up the difference with cash?

Planned to purchase the kraken this year.

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Absolutely. I’ve done this a few times myself, not with a Kraken though…

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Thornnastor, Yet!!

Be aware that the majority of the kraken they sell each year are warbond, very few are available for credit purchase. Thought you should know that before you melt anything important. It’s not impossible but your F5 game will have to be strong!

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And be ready to hit those button when they are available because they don’t last long and lol, yes your refresh button (F5) hitting skills will need to be up to par too or below par if you want to be golf technical. And remember, just because the ship is in your purchase bucket does not necessarily mean you have it. You have to complete the transaction before it is officially yours. Some people made the mistake of thinking twice about it and when they pushed the purchase button, they were all gone.

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