I need help with twin stick set up

I need help with setting up my two sticks as this how I want to start flying my ships now.

The two stick that I have are the thrustmaster T 16000 and the Mad Catz V-1. I am a complete computer mong and have no idea on how to do it… Can anyone help???

The dual stick setup is not one recomended by ADI all though you are free to use it. I would recomend using the X52 pro instead, decently priced and gives you better control of your ship, how ever if you figure this issue out I would like to hear how it goes.

I managed to get this situation sorted.

Left stick :- ( Mad Catz V1 ) used for strafing, Decoupling, Throttle, Boost/Afterburn, Space break, Quontum select/Drive, Cycle Friendlies, Cycle/fire CMs.

Right stick :- (TMaster T16000) used for yaw, role, pitch, weapons select/fire, cycle foe’s and a few more to boot.

As I am on a small budget this setup is best for me (£60). I am happy with this setup as it is what I wanted when I first got this game. There are a total of 38 function keys to be set and this will be done in slow time untill I’m totaly comfortable with the setup.
Once I have all keys set and It becomes second nature to me to use, I will wright out my Key bindings for the guys to see and try out.

Make sure you get that cleared by management before posting configs. IJS.

He is free to post his setup. Just as long as he doesn’t claim we endorse it.

There is no worries on that bud. It’s a trial and error thing from someone who is learning in slow time. :wink:

Everyone has their own preferences on how they set up their kit and considering that I’m a complete noob when it comes to computers and waiting for it to all go belly up, I wouldn’t even endorse it.lol :laughing:

This is just me putting down not knowing what to do :unamused: :question: to slowly figuring out how to do it :astonished: :bulb: .

I run dual sticks myself and love it! It has taken me quite a bit of time dialing in the configuration that suits me, but I do believe it has been a worthwhile investment. Although I am curious as to why it is not recommended.

Found the answer to in curiosity in another thread; it’s training related.

This guy has a lot of good training videos, including a good one (linked) for dual stick that goes through the full config.
Im playing around with it now, but am finding that I dont like it as much as I thought I would, and I may end up going back to a HOTAS w/pedals… in the end it probably gets down to finding your play style and what works best with that.