I know I am a dumbass for not checking this earlier... (PSU)


Last year, I upgraded my graphics card to a newer one. Everything went pretty well up until a few weeks ago when I began to play high demanding games. It was kinda wired that I encountered so many crashes. Then it hit me, that I didn’t really check if my power supply unit (PSU) were good enough. Guess what? It is 250W short of minimum.
My power supply:

My calculation of recommended minimum:


Since the DFM is launching in a few hours, I really need a new power supply. So can anyone give me some recommendations on power supplies? I’d like if you could find the unit and post a link. I’ve found the following two (Danish sites):
computersalg.dk/produkt/8633 … =EDBpriser
computersalg.dk/produkt/6690 … =EDBpriser

The cable output needs to be Version 2.3 at least

PS. I know I am a dumbass for not checking the compatibility of my power supply earlier…

At least, with the DFM delay, you have some time to fix that power problem! :smiley:

Yep, I were thinking about going to Århus tomorrow to pick up a new PSU. :stuck_out_tongue:
I checked for everything, except for checking if the PSU would be powerful enough… xD

I’ve had good luck with Corsair CX series. It provides good stable voltages and is pretty reliable. Looks like it’s a little more expensive but I think a good PSU is worth the extra cost: computersalg.dk/produkt/8271 … air-cx750-

Splint, you have a meager combined 28A on your 12V rail. What you want is at least 60A for a single GPU gaming rig. Hence, whenever your GPU is under heavy load your PSU shuts down due to overcurrent protection.

I’ve found an older PSU that I had laying around. So I am going to try to swap it out in the weekend, because I found it compatibale with the current build I have, even though it is 70W below the minimum reccomended, it’s still a heck of a lot better than 270W below.

You’ll probably be fine in the short term. That power consumption calculator seems pretty conservative. I looked at the graphics card consumption it uses and it’s basically double what Tom’s had listed as it’s peak consumption (Tom’s says 160W, they give 300W). Regardless, power supplies are less stable and produce less power as they age. This is also more dramatic in lower-quality PSUs. So if you want your system to be stable when running at peak capacity, you should look to purchase a new PSU in the near future.

You can thank the AMD CPU for the need for 700w. You could get away with less with an Intel.

Yes, it’s a demanding cpu.