I have returned

Greetings everyone,

After a protracted absence (thank you Army) I’m back behind the stick. I will strive to jump on Mumble over the next few days but wanted to touch base say hi and update my hanger in case anyone needs support in the coming months.

Current fleet:
Avenger Titan
Aegis Eclipse
Aegis Retaliator
Aegis Gladiator Valiant
Aegis Redeemer
Aegis Sabre Comet
Anvil Arrow
Misc Prospector
Aegis Hammerhead
Apollo Medivac
Anvil Carrack Expedition
Anvil pisces expedition
Assorted rovers as well.

Look forward to seeing you all in the Verse.

Trouter AKA Dusith

Welcome back =)

Hi, welcome back

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Welcome back Onryo.

Welcome back!

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