I bought an Ursa.


So I did it finally. I purchased a rover. Sorry I can’t get behind the cyclone don’t really like anything about it. But now I have to buy a ship that can haul my ursa around. Anyone got recommendations?


What are interests you most? Combat, cargo, etc…? That will likely be a major factor in figuring out what larger ship you’ll want.


Constellation Andromeda for cargo/fighting (missile boat, snub nosed fighter), Constellation Aquila for exploration/cargo, Constellation Taurus for cargo (slightly more cargo than the other 2).

Those 3 I think are the smallest that can carry a Rover. However the Rover eats up all their cargo space (unsure about the Taurus tho…it’s not out yet to fly/test).


I would imagine the Taurus could take 1 rover and some cargo, since it ditches the back section of the ship and the snub fighter dock for an extended cargo platform. It is also maybe possible that the rover would fit a freelancer max due to the expanded width (and height?), but i would definitely wait for that to be verified.


I would think so too Neon. We just haven’t gotten our hands on one yet.


I am gonna be more of an explorer/miner/other things type of guy.

I have a freelancer Dur. I have looked at the Constellation Aquila.


If you’ve money to spend and are looking for something larger then a Constellation hull the Carrack has cargo room, exploration as a feature, and a rover bay. But that’s something you may have to pick up in game down the road or if they ever put it up for sale again. Otherwise the others already nailed it with the Connies.