I am still active but not able to come by

Greetings everybody
I don’t have much time to explain but I just wanted to point out that the reason for my long absence was my horrible internet connection , when I joined mumble no one could hear me due to huge packet losses so I never could join or talk or tell you guys that in still here
The good news is that I’m flying to Germany tomorrow Saturday February 13th to start my studies there , and obviously I will have powerful internet connection and I will return again .
However I can assure you that as soon as star cotizen enters its full release I will fully make my return to serve with you guys in space
Thank you and I will see you once I’m in Germany
Fly safe

It is good to hear from you.

Looking forward to seeing you on Mumble and joining. There are a lot of exciting things happening in SC and the “baby” PU is pretty stable. We have had 10 or members in the same instance at one time.

Hope you can get settled quickly and join us for some fun.

Be safe,