Hyper X Cloud - Cautionary Tale

I recently went into delicate task of buying a new gaming headset. I wanted to buy something of quality, but wasn’t really too thrilled at the idea of spending more than £100 ($150).

After a little but of research, but not enough, I landed on the Hyper X Cloud. It seemed like a good deal; no 7.1 surround or USB, but decent audio quality, sturdy build, strong cables etc etc etc…

But…the microphone did not work. Well, that is weird, I said to myself. I did a quick search online; the problem is endemic across this headset. Either poor mic quality or no mic quality.

So, I have ordered a different headset, the Asus Orion Pro (yay, Orion hype), it is a similar setup but from a more trusted maker with better reviews. If this doesn’t work then I will entertain any and all suggestions!

So, stay warned!

Fly Safe


I use a set of Beyerdynamics DT770’s 80omhs head phones and I love them compared to what I was using they are god tier, never looked back. (bit expensive thou)
I use seperate microphone, as using a combined headset/mic combo to me seems to me to be a comprimise on both counts. That said I need to upgrade my mic as the current one is built in to a webcam, to be upgraded at a later date™.

I’m looking at picking up a Steel Series Siberia Elite Prism Gaming Headset-Artic White through Amazon.com ( [url]Amazon.com ), anyone have any experience with this brand?

I did something silly that ended up really well.

I bought the Hyper X Cloud II - It just arrived, and I frantically tested out the mic, which is crystal clear. This time the mic is USB, with virtual 7.1 Surround. The mic is directional with a foam “breath muzzler” and overall I am very happy. Now I just have to return the first pair.

The sound quality is wonderful; like I’m in another world entirely when I listen to music…or dive into Hitman Absolution

EDIT: I clearly cancelled the Asus order.

Dang, I just bought this same headset!
Ill let you know what I find out.

Good luck! Mine was probably a fluke

So far i’ve been happy with my original Hyper X Cloud headset. Just read couple reviews of Hyper X Cloud II’s and apparently some people have experienced hearing “clicking” sound when using USB sound card that comes with the set. Let me know if you run into that same issue.

I’m a fan of Tritton’s Gaming headsets - trittonaudio.com/prod/proplusPC-red.asp
Very comfortable
Adjustable for all head sizes
Fairly light on my head
I switched to them from Turtle Beach.

Are those compatible with TrackIR pro clip?

I don’t have TrickIR… yet.
So I couldn’t say.