HWScientifico - eager to learn

Hello all,
The HW in my handle stands for Henrich Weiss, a common character name I like to use. So if HWScientifico is too much of a mouthful for you feel free to refer to me as Henrich.
A little about myself:

  1. I am currently in college studying to be an Electrical Engineer, so I will be quite busy at times with classes.
  2. While I am passionate about Engineering, it is my true desire to be a helicopter pilot. I feel the best route for me to take in order to make this a reality is to enlist after I graduate. Still trying to settle on a branch, my father was in the Air Force so I am partial to that but they don’t have a whole lot of helicopters (though they do have some of the coolest).
  3. I am relatively new to PC gaming (about a year into it), so I am still trying to perfect my flying skills with a mouse and keyboard. Have preferred console gaming for flight gameplay because I find it easier to fly with a controller. I suppose I should just pick up a good joystick, any recommendations on this front would be appreciated.
  4. Star Citizen and Arma are the reasons why I picked up a PC in the first place. I love the scale of Star Citizen and am eager to have a professional organization to work with.

The roles I am interested in are mostly support related (not necessarily related to the Mission Support Division). I am also in possession of all the spacecraft required to fulfill these roles. They are:

  1. Drop ship pilot / military transport pilot
  2. Bomber pilot
  3. Repair / Rearm / Refuel pilot
  4. Science / Exploration pilot
  5. Electronic Warfare pilot (in the way that the MH-53J/M Pave Low was used).

I’d like to thank whoever invited me to this organization about a month ago, I can no longer view the invite so I am unsure of who it was. Without the Invite I wouldn’t have known about this organization at all.

Welcome to ADI, Henrich! That’s a great introduction.

Regarding joysticks, it’s really a matter of preference. Warthog, Saitek, Thrustmaster… They all offer a different experience (and price point). Some pilots prefer dual sticks, while others like the throttle, so you’ll want to go with whatever feels comfortable for you.

I look forward to seeing you in the 'Verse.

Welcome to ADI Henrich. Sounds like you are a man with a plan, and one to get things done. I like that. See you around the verse.

Welcome Henrich, there is plenty to do here in ADI, both planned org ops & impromptu parties forming in mumble for all sorts of missions/tasks

Welcome Henrich! What a time to discover pc gaming, Star Citizen is turning into quite the gem. Thanks for the awesome intro - when you have some time to slip into the verse that’s great, but RL first.

Welcome to ADI HWScientifico :slight_smile:

Sounds very interesting. Always remember real life comes first.

I am a helicopter pilot myself (not military) and I always say it is the job with the best office!

Welcome in the ranks of the pc master race. Remember with great power comes great responsability.

Lot of different rooles to try out in SC. Hop on Mumble and Discord and you will soon find people to try them out with.

See you in the Verse!

First, welcome to the ranks Henrich, really glad to have you aboard. Right now you’re in the hardest engineering degree there is so no worries if you disappear for a few weeks, just keep us posted. Real life always comes first at ADI.

Second, if you are serious about going military then hit me up and I can answer questions about the aviation side of Navy and Marines. We have a strong community of active and vets here.

Welcome to ADI, Henrich! As you can see, we are a very supportive gaming community and we have quite a few RL pilots. Once you get onboarded, you can start networking and learning from them. I also see myself being support oriented. One of my favorite ships in the game right now is the Valkyrie and I guess I am just looking for an excuse to use it. Looking forward to having you around. See you, soon.

Welcome to ADI @HWScientifico it sounds to me like you’ll fit right in! Feel free to ask us about anything we’ll do our best to get you the information you need! Looking foward to flying around the verse with you in the future! Good luck with the school too :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome Henrich! Nice Intro! I have no doubt will be happy here. See you in the verse!

Welcome aboard Henrich, glad to have you here! Excellent intro, and you have come to the right place to get up to speed with Star Citizen. We almost always have something going on so drop by in Mumble when you can and we can get you up to speed!

i enjoy my time onboarding you man, i cant wait till i see you in the verse =D

Best of luck on the pursuit of your passion for aviation! Welcome to ADI!

hey there Henrich nice to see someone interested in doing some interested in doing bombing runs and dropping off marines I am a protection Pilot for the PCS so i can for see you and running ops together. hope to see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI, Henrich!

As Dividion mentioned above - there are many manufacturers of flight sticks / HOTAS systems and it really comes down to personal preference. My one bit of advice when looking at the different models is to ensure you get one with “Stick Twist” so you dont have to buy pedals as well. There are a couple of good ones out there for a range of budgets, the Logitech X56 is a great all rounder & the VIRPIL VPC Constellation / Mongoose T50 is a nice high end system.

Hello Heinrich,

Welcome to ADI. Even you are relatively new to PC gaming, you will feel confortable very fast flying with us either in org missions or just for fun. We have a lot or members with military experience and flying skills. We are all here to help eachother and have fun. Join us in discord and mumble and meet us.

See you around there and in the verse.