Hull B and hangars

So I have a Hull B and I know it’s still in concept and all but… I was wondering if anyone knows if it will fit in the selfland hangar? I haven’t read anything about it and it’s probably not outlined yet, but I might have missed something.

The Hull B is about twice the size of a Cutlass. I am not sure what the layout of the self land hanger is like, but I suspect that you may have issues as I know the Industrial hanger for example does not have room for a ship much larger than a Cutlass.

Oh well that’s alright as I upgraded to an Aeroview hangar anyway. I want to put my Taekatsu (?) Argo model and poster in a proper room. I’m fancy like that. Btw my RL brother is also a SC member (org-less), and he has a multi-crew exploration ship (I forgot which one because I’m a terrible, terrible person), but he wants to do exploration with me. So the need for a proper base of operations on a personal level increased over the year.

But thanks for the info man, that was actually new to me.

Each Standalone ship comes with an appropriate Hangar & insurance.

For reference go to MY RSI > My Hangar > then scroll down to where your Hull is shown.

Click on the arrow (right side) to expand that entry & see what was included.