[HOWTO] Logitech 3D Pro throttle and other issues

I see this come up now and then on mumble, so I thought it would be worthwhile to note here. This may or may not also apply to other Logitech joysticks. I started playing Arena Commander with a Logitech 3D Pro Extreme (now using a Saitek X52). This is a perfectly suitable and affordable stick to use while deciding if you want to get something more “hardcore”. To my knowledge, no one has yet created an official ADI .xml for the 3D Pro. I would create an xml but my 3D Pro broke, which is why I have an X52 now.

With a fresh user profile, I found that the throttle (at base of stick facing user) would not reduce speed below 50%. The fix for this was to rebind the Throttle. In Hanger or AC press ESC key, Options, Bindings, Advanced Customization. There should be a right arrow you click on until you find HOTAS/Joystick. Expand the Flight Movement group and find Throttle. Follow the directions on-screen to remap the Throttle. It should now say “Slider 1”, and in AC should go from 0% to 100% speed of whichever ship you are flying.

By default, Z rotation controls roll and X controls rudder. Ask most of the flight nerds/enthusiasts in ADI, it is best to reverse these. As above, in the Flight Movement group find the two mappings and remap them so that Roll reads “X-axis” and Rudder reads “Z-rotation”. It may take a few tries to get it right because it is hard to move one without the other.

If anyone has any additions or correction to make, please reply to this thread.

Good info. I did this last week, after 1.1 dropped. (just forgot to post it)

Thanks a ton! This works for the Saitek x45 as well.