Howdy fellow Citizens!

I have been with Star Citizen since late 2016. I’m looking for a well organized activate org. Specifically in the morning to afternoon ET timezone. Evenings do not work well for me as I am a early riser.


Welcome to ADI @TyWen!

I think you have found what you’re looking for in ADI. It is well organized when needed but it can also be laid-back. If you want to see the org at it’s best keep an eye on the forums for Org Ops and sign up for one of those. If you have any questions just ask. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI @TyWen. I love the Eye of Ra! As far as well organized goes, it is my not so humble opinion that ADI put the organization in Organizations. Others can only have credit for making it plural.

What part of SC are you most looking forward to?

Hi TyWen,
What ships are you enjoying? Welcome to ADI!

I don’t lock myself into just one career - I want to experience them all.
But I would like to see some great Org events and ops.

As for ships, I like them all. I’m Concierge and I own quite a few ships, from solo to crewed.

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Welcome to ADI!

You are definitely in the right place, we are very organized. We have people on at almost all times during the day, so I am sure you will find people that operate in your time slot very quickly!

Welcome to ADI @TyWen, I hope you enjoy all that ADI has to offer! See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI, @TyWen! You’ve been backing a long time! What has been your favorite development so far?

You’ve found one then! Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Tywen.

Mining has been my favorite career implementation so far (though it’s really the only one). I’m waiting, sometimes impatiently, for the other careers and game loops to be implemented. I also think that the PvP combat improvements in 3.10 and 3.11 have been beneficial but CIG still has a way to go yet.


Welcome to ADI. I usually play in the afternoon in EST. So maybe I’ll see you in Mumble. We have players from all over so finding people to party up with is not a problem. Take care and I hope to meet you soon.

Welcome to ADI! We are very organized, and active as well. And no matter what time you get on to play, there is always somebody on. It’s nice when we have people from all over the world here, since there is never a shortage of members to join up with :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Hello TyWen, Welocme to ADI! Great talking to you yesterday. Let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to flying with you in the verse.

Welcome @TyWen! I think you’ll find plenty of folks on at that time as we have quite a few euro members on around then. I’m usually on later as I work in the am ET right now. Just hop on mumble and there are always folks on looking to group up. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI TyWen. I’m glad you joined the team. See you in game.

3.10 was a whole new animal for flight and fight. 3.11 has so far been a goood update. I am just waiting for refining to be a thing, or really any of the other arms for industry.

Hi there @TyWen and welcome to the org.

It is really awesome to see veteran players joining :slight_smile:

See you in the verse mate.


Hello TyWen, Welcome to the team and hope you are liking our organization skills.

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