How to Refuel/Re-Arm/Repair in 3.8.0

Hi folks this is a very short post I think many members could benefit from.

In 3.8 refueling your ship does not work like it did in 3.7 but there is a simple work around to make it work again in the following sequence:

1 - Request Landing at any Station that can approve landing.
2 - Hover 2-10 meters over the Designated Landing Pad --Do not land on the pad or it won’t work–
3 - Open your Mobi-Glass and Refuel/Re-Arm/Repair your ships

And that’s it. :slight_smile:

This post is temporary until the bug is fixed of course, but I hope I could help.


I would like to add, if you accidentally hit the pad or land, you need to take off and request landing again. Second note, one of the R&R’s not sure which, it didn’t work regardless of what I tried.

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Aaahh cool @ColeHunter didn’t know about the R&R, thank you! (I will check which one and leave feedback obviuosly)

When u leave your ship hovering in an area with no ship retrieval console, u are fucked XD:

@ramrot haha yeah pretty much, but with 3.9 around the corner hopefully we won’t need this post anymore.