How to fix the Z axis (twist) on Thrustmaster T16000m Joystick

I use dual Thrustmaster T-16000M joysticks and the only problem I have ever encountered is the Z-Axis (twist) starts going haywire. If you use the Z-Axis (twist) for Roll or Elevation then you may start to notice your ship just randomly rolling or strafing up/down (elevation). If you are still under warranty (1 year from purchase date) then Thrustmaster will replace the joystick free of charge. If you are out of warranty then you can repair it yourself.

I have had two T16000M replaced but they are now out of warranty and the problem has surfaced again. I’m pretty pissed off about this so I have ordered their replacements from here.

If you need to fix the problem then here are some pretty good instructions I found complete with pictures!


or get pedals … :slight_smile:

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Or say to hell with it and get Virpils :slight_smile:

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for a starter kit, the 16000s are nice and cheaper then anything else. prehaps next year ill be able to get Virpils or something better :smiley:

I did a lot of research before buying my HOTAS. Pedals with the t16000 we’re recommend as standard for a good flight experience. I’m working ATM but I’ll look to.dig out some links later.

Oh, no doubt. It’s what I started with and I’m still using them while I wait for the backordered Virpils to come in. I just got tired of replacing them every 2-3 months given the amount I play.

I also have dual T16000s. The Z axis on mine breaks every few weeks. When it does I take it apart and jiggle things about and it works like a dream again.
No bother, just an hour of maintenance every month or so.

I can talk you through it next time I catch you

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