How much RAM will SC actually use?

I’m thinking of upgrading from 16gb to… more. But I’m also wondering how much RAM Star Citizen will actually put to use and whether it’s a worthwhile investment. Looks like I can go to 32gb or 64gb but obviously don’t want to “waste” the money… anyone know how SC is affected by more RAM?

CIG recommends having 16 GB of RAM for the game. That being said, 16 is plenty and RAM is usually not the bottleneck for gaming. I would recommend saving up for a new CPU or GPU if you’re seriously in need of boosting game performance. I also recommend, you open your task manager and click on the performance tab, or use a third party monitoring software, and see exactly how your PCs resources are being used when in game to make an educated decision.

Thanks @manglex1. Since I only use this machine for EVE and SC (literally, very little else installed on it), I think it’s pretty clean. I’m getting 30+fps (up to 40 or 50 depending on the scene) at 2560x1440. But when I up the rez to 3840x2160 my fps drops to right around 20+. It’s still playable, but noticeably less responsive. Wondering what other’s are experiencing at these resolutions.

FYI, I have a CORSAIR ONE which I really do love, but it’s not the latest and greatest (a couple years old now). Love the hardware, but it’s not the most easily upgraded machine. Still, if a new GPU or CPU is called for I’d be up for figuring it out…

The biggest improvement by far was putting SC on my SSD (versus HD). That was just amazing. Now I’m just being kind of obsessive about squeezing the best performance out…

With where the game is at and the demand it puts on a PC those numbers are pretty good. You COULD potentially upgrade to squeeze a bit more out but it may be best to just wait until the game gets optimized before release. I don’t think we should be expecting 4k 60fps any time soon.

A good quality/timing 16gb kit should be plenty sufficient for SC. A focus on raw GPU power and avoiding potential CPU bottlenecks is also a return on investment. According to telemetry, I’m averaging 70+ FPS at 4K and near 4K, but quite frankly it is only possible right now in areas that are not saturated with other players in a single seat fighter.

Moving to SSD was definitely a wise move as well. It seems like you are well on your way.

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