HOTAS XML Profiles

I have seen older topics indicating the Org has developed XML profiles; are these still available? I am looking at getting back into the game after being gone a few years and know my old config is no longer valid.

I should add that I am currently using a X-55, with no intent on upgrading until near launch… game development will likely go on several more years so no point in upgrading to have new equip become obsolete again.


The X-55 currently does not have an official profile, sorry, the warthog an the t1600 are currently the only ones available, however there are some others in progress.

Legatin, as mentioned above, ADI HOTAS builds being worked on are for the T1600, X52, X56, X56-Pro, X65 and WartHog. This includes updates for the T1600 and WarHog, and releases for the X52, X56, X56-Pro, and X65.

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