HOTAS Saitek X55 VS X56

Hey guys!

I’m looking to buy a new HOTAS to replace my cheap Logitech one.

I had a recommendation to buy the Saitek X55 Rhino, but after looking it up, I discovered that there is a Saitek X56 Rhino as well.

So here is my question, have you tried any of these? Is there a big difference? The X56 is actually less expensive than the old one.

Or do you think I should wait for an other model? As I said I am stuck with a really bad Joystick with no trottle right now, so I would really like to be able to improve my flying skills before the game officially comes out.

Waiting for your opinions! :slight_smile:

Oh, and here is the link to both HOTAS I’m checkin right now.

X55 Rhino … op?ie=UTF8
X56 Rhino … op?ie=UTF8


(Sorry if my english isn’t flawless, it’s a work in progress, always! :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you can survive with your existing HOTAS I would recommend you do so and upgrade prior to game launch. No one has a clue when CIG will get this game launched, least of all CIG. I am currently using a Saitek X55 and love it; while I intend to upgrade myself prior to launch that is only if this game gets going in the next 18 months.

I have a x56 and I really like it.

I use the extra analog thumbstick on the throttle for strafe up/down left/right. Feels really natural. I don’t use the analog stick on the joystick yet and don’t plan on. May become useful for some fine motor skill tool use outside of flying (mining?).

I’m using an x55 right now and I love it. I did see the x56 but had not looked into it too much since I’m not in the market to upgrade or anything but I can say that the 55 is everything I’ll need and more. You could get away with a lower-end one but if you can afford it, either one of those will be a great setup that you won’t regret. Plus, my dogfighting improved immediately upon moving from a single Thrustmaster T16000M to the full x55 HOTAS just because I could get to everything without moving my hands. Also, I personally prefer the look of the x55 over the x56, not that that should influence your decision much.

I have an X52-Pro myself.
I find it adequate to be perfectly honest.

I plan on eventually (closer to release) upgrading to the thrust master warthog.

Which leads me to my recommendation:
For the price range you are looking in (~500 CAD), it seems it may be prudent to spend the additional ~50 CAD (if it is in your budget that is) to get the Warthog. While I cannot say I’ve used the warthog or the X-55 / X-56 series myself, I do know that the warthog is regarded as one of the ‘premier’ off the shelf HOTAS systems.

(Important) EDIT: SHOOT - never mind. I forgot the warthog does NOT HAVE A TWIST (YAW) axis. This means it would require the purchase of peddles as well (I know they can be had for ~90 USD). So that may or may not blow your budget… oops

I picked up the Saitek X52 for $100 in like new but used condition. Its does everything well and is pretty much the same as the x55. Imay upgrade when the game launched but for now I’m very happy