HOSAS - Virpil vs. VKB

I am looking into investing in a high-end HOSAS-setup but can not decide which one to go with and would like to hear your feedback and benefit from your knowledge regarding the functionality.
I am just starting to have a deeper look into this topic so please excuse my potential naivety. :wink:

Contestants are the VPC Alpha Grip + Base and the VKB Kosmosima + Gunfighter Mk.III base.

Left stick: For me a must-have is a dry clutch for the thrust-control. AFAIK only the VKB has this feature. Is that correct?

Right stick: Amount of programmable buttons. If I am not mistaken the VPC is more versatile than the VKB. What I am missing on the VKB is a break lever. Although I could use a button for that… In my imagination a. Break lever “must” feel better if you know what i mean (plus you would save that button for something else)

Has anybody tried to use a mix of both sticks in SC? E.g. VKB left and VPC right.

Ankonian, Virpil and VKB are not the official ADI HOTAS sets but members do use them. You may want to post your question on ADI Discord and/or ask members on Mumble as well. Also ADI does not recommend the HOSAS setup but there are members that do.

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First, you’ll get no official support for HOSAS, since as an org we actively discourage HOSAS. Second, I wouldn’t call Virpil or VBK ‘high-end’.

As @Teufelhunden suggested, mumble or discord would be the best place to ask questions about a HOTAS setup.

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A bit out of topic given the OP but relevant from a learning perspective.
I am personally holding of on getting anything other than keyboard and mouse until closer to launch but I would greatly appreciate what underlying reasons there are for ADI have for discouraging from HOSAS?
(not questioning it, just curious from a learning perspective eg. pro’s and cons).


Thanks, will do!

@SirToadie I’m happy to answer that question, but don’t want to derail this topic too much but here is a topic where we’ve already covered the subject.


Mumble is a better format for discussing this topic IMHO, and I’m always happy to sit down and talk about controllers, what works and doesn’t work. We as a staff team have put a LOT of time into this topic.

If there was interest in covering this topic in that format on mumble, let me know and I’ll try and have something scheduled.

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@JayC Thank you so much for providing that link. I will definately read through it (i’m new and still aclimatizing to this forum type).


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