Hoping to return in the next 6 months

Well its been a long time since i’ve even looked at star citizen since 3 years ago my computer just couldn’t handle the game any longer. I’m now looking at Finally upgrading to a new PC fully decked out in the next 6 months or so if i can, as my current PC couldn’t even handle vanduul swarm properly. However, i’ve been away for a long time and i’m sure things have changed and grown a lot in this org since the days when all you could do were race and play vanduul swarm in only a few ships.

So, when i do finally get myself up and running again, where do i get started, i’m expecting to need re-certification as well but thats way in the future at this point.

I’ll hop on mumble later today but for now just wanted to say i’m glad to be able to come back to all of you wonderful folks who are still around, and hoping to see everyone in the verse once i’ve upgraded myself so i can play again.

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Welcome back. Yes there have been a few changes, nothing you can’t catch up on. The best thing to do is to do exactly what you planned. Hop back on mumble and get back into the swing of things.

Looking forward to meeting you, Khelmeth. The new flight model takes some getting used to. Recommendation from most is to start with Races in AC, and fly the Gladius. See you in 6 or less!

I’m looking forward to your return khellmeth. It’s going to be great.