Monk3yWr3nch here!

Just filled in the application and waiting to see if I become part of the crew or not! :nerd:

crosses fingers

How is everyone doing?

Hi Monk3yWr3nch, we are glad that you decided to join ADI. Good luck with your onboarding! If you still haven’t been onboarded then please join our Mumble server and a staff member will be with you shortly.

Greetings Monk3yWr3nvh, glad to have you with us, once all set up the crew/team that’s the easy part, be looking for you in the ‘verse’, enjoy

Welcome, Monk3yWr3nch! Once you are done with onboarding, get on and play with the rest of the crew. We are active in SC and other games. See you soon!

Thanks for having me Caeci! :ugeek:
The onboarding went really well and I learned quite a bit as we proceeded through all the steps.