Hi - I'm Sannis Mk 2

Good to be back. I have been here before under a different name and dropped off the SC radar due to RL commitments. New name and new hopes with the game.

Looking forward to getting stuck in with whatever is going on.

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Welcome to the best org in the verse, welcome

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It’s like deja vu. Not having you reincarnate, just seeing the same post twice :slight_smile:

Welcome back Sannis.

Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you in the verse :slight_smile:

Hi Sannis, its going to take a bit to get all your permission set up and running again, next time you are in mumble reach out to an AD+ and we can start the process

Thank you and apologies for creating the hassle.

Welcome to ADI Sannis, happy to have you aboard. hope to catch you in the verse

Hey Sannis, welcome back. I wasn’t around when you were a member before so hope to see you in the org events or Mumble.