Hi, I'm Dragon Ace.

Hi, I’m Dragon Ace.

I’m from The Netherlands and I’m new to this game. Been reading a lot to see what I’ve been missing so far :slight_smile: But still have a lot of questions.

I’m thinking of buying a space craft, I have not figured out yet which one and how much money I’m willing to spend.

As buying a craft with package is the same as buying the game later on I’m willing to spend at least as much as, lets say buying GTA5.

I was thinking of buying a cargo vessel of some kind, (It would be very cool to buy something like the FreeLancer). Or should I try to earn credits in game instead later and buy something cheaper now.

Also if I would join ADI how would things work. I guess I would be hauling cargo and get some money for each run? How are things organized?

As for my gaming background, I played FPS a lot. It started with Half Life and early Counter Strike (1.4 probably) to CS:Go and now Battlefield 4 mainly.

As I have played more FPS, should I pick a different Role? Buying something else instead of a Freight space ship? (Asset Protection & Recovery ??)

Why would someone buy a

Freelancer MAX for €150.04 EUR with 280 freight units

while the

Constellation Taurus costs €193.60 EUR and has 1900 freight units

Isn’t the Freelancer overpriced? or does the Constellation have drawbacks compared to the Freelancer

Hey Dragon, welcome to the fourms! :smiley:

You should hop onto mumble and say hi to everyone. atlasdefenseindustries.com/imag … eSetup.pdf

If you are looking to spend only what you would spend on a AAA game (I’m assuming 60 EUR or so) and you are looking for a cheap well rounded ship that will expose you to both the commerce and fighting aspect of the game I highly recommend the Avenger. Its $65ish and has decent cargo, holding cells, and is very combat capable. Get the game package and jump into arena commander too!

Or you can always get the Aurora package and test the waters. You can always upgrade it later.

With the FPS coming very soon and AC 2.0 not far behind, there couldnt be a better time to get into the game.

Coming soon :slight_smile:

But Star Marine is almost here!! :slight_smile:

Hello Dragon Ace,

Just some food for thought here, but if you primarily played FPS games, have you considered joining Fleet Sec as a Marine?

As for what ship to buy and why some ships are priced differently the Constellation vs the Freelancer for example, there are many different ships for many different roles. A Freelancer is like a cross between a pickup truck and a motor home. It is smaller than a Constellation and can be crewed by fewer people. A Constellation is significantly larger, but may require multiple players or at the very least AI companions to get the most out of your purchase.

I think the best piece of advice I can give you is to pick something relatively inexpensive (Like the Avenger as RedSkies recommended). When 2.6 and eventually 3.0 go live to the PU, there will be more to experience and more to try out. Star Citizen isn’t a “go big or go home” kind of game and to be honest most new players would benefit to “Dip a toe” first, then see where the Verse takes them.

I hope that helps and I look forward to seeing you in the verse!