Hi from Slowdive

Hi new to the SC verse and to multiple player games. I am in the process of setting up my headset and using it for the first time soon.
I have purchased the Freelancer Dur (when it finally arrives on platform 3.4) as I am not a great fighter pilot but do like a little exploration.
I have slowly been trying the verse out and getting use to the dynamics of the game through various computer crashes and glitches I hope are all fixed now :unamused:
Speak soon in the verse

A warm welcome to ADI Slowdive

Welcome to ADI Slowdive glad to have u part of the org


Thanks for the warm welcome and introduction on the commerce of your organisation. I hope to learn a lot about the SC verse and the ADI way of life via communications. Thanks to Stingr (I think that’s correct) and apologise on the names I forget along the way for onboarding me today.
Thanks again.

Welcome Slowdive, cant wait to do some exploring with ya.

Welcome Slowdive to ADI, were so glad that your in our Org. if you have any questions feel free to ask us :smiley:

Welcome Slowdive, once this game flushes out, there will be lots of places to explore for the first time, till then there is lots to see and experience (explore) for the first time in the verse. See you around.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Slowdive!

The crashes and bugs are a nature of the game at this phase of development, but I can say that it has gotten a lot better from just a few months ago and I am sure it will continue to get better as time goes on. See you in the verse!

Hi Thanks again for the warm welcome, I have been away from the verse for a few days.

Look forward to exploring and seeking out new places and items for ADI to consolidate within the verse.

Will gladly take patrons on board, as long as you go 50 - 50 on the fuel :wink: :laughing: