Hi! am a new applying member

I have 2 main perspective on SC.

_the first one is to explore and tour the verse with a mobile home (for example a Carrack/Merchantman) as a citizen while earning UEC (money maker).
_second is to do some team combat (probably money spender) with training and PVP/PVE missions.

see you soon in 3.0 hopefully

Hey IDemon. Welcome to ADI. I had a good time chatting with you today on Spectrum.

You sounded like you may be a good fit for Exploration and Survey or our Fleet Services divisions. Hopefully 3.0 gives us a little more to chew on in the game. What are you most excited to try in 3.0? I can’t wait to do some cargo hauling.

Hope to see you in Mumble to finish the joining process.

Hi Demon,

Welcome to ADI! It sounds like you have some reasonable and exciting aspirations for SC. The exploration piece of SC will be awesome. Regardless of what division we’re all in we’ll get to see and experience some pretty amazing things. There are plenty of ways to explore and be engaged in team combat, so I’m glad you’re joining us to do some of those things. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Otherwise check out the forums, the calendar, and mumble, and that should help you get adjusted well. I look forward to seeing you around. All the best

Welcome Idemon that is great simple and easy to meet goals you have come to the right place we have a great group of people to help with that team work and both pvp and pve see you in the pu soon I hope

Hello Idemon! You couldn’t have expressed my experience more than your post! I want a Carrack and I want to explore the verse and earn UEC while helping our Org in team combat! I can’t wait to chat with you and fly with you because those are the two most important aspects of my role in SC! If you want to chat feel free to message me anytime!

Welcome to ADI IDemon
I´ll see you in the verse hopefully!


Hope to see you around soon, and I definitely share your interest in the mobile home =) Maybe you’ll have an extra bunk?


See you in the Verse or in Mumble. o7