Hey... it me

Hello, all!

My name is Doc. I’m a Marine (got out in 2014), an engineer, and a computational psychologist. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember, and have always loved social games, FPS, and flight sims… so games like this are right up my alley (MUCH better than EVE Online :P). I’m also the CTO and one of the CEOs of Undernet Gaming Inc., a startup video game studio based in the US.

When it comes to organizations, I seek to put the benefits of my years of experience to good use as a member. From logistics, organizational structure, tools, and of course manpower… I aim to provide all that I can for my comrades. I have a very broad skillset, and do not mind one bit putting it to use.


Well then, it sounds like you’ll be a good fit for us, Doc. How long you been playing star citizen? Also, I’m wanting to develop games when I graduate from my university, so any tips for an aspiring programmer/designer‽

Welcome Doc. That’s awesome. Great profile. I am New myself here and at playing SC. Looking forward to meet you in the Verse.

Hey Doc, Welcome to ADI. Great introduction and very interesting background. How long have you played Star Citizen? What ship/s do you have now?

Feel free to join us for some group gaming on Mumble. See you in the verse.

Hi Doc, welcome to ADI. See you in mumble!

Welcome to ADI DocHollyhood. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in Mining & Salvage’s weekly mining exercises. See you there.

I’ve been playing for a day. I have the Mustang Alpha.

Ah, ok. Well if you ever want to try other ships, I have a few and I don’t mind pulling them for you to try. On on Mumble usually in the evenings (Pacific Time). Online now.

I can give you a quick tutorial or help you with anything you need to get started. It was painful for me because I wasn’t in an Org when I started.

I can’t enter any channels on the Mumble :confused:

Welcome to the best org in the verse

Did you follow the instructions on the Join ADI web page?Join - Atlas Defense Industries


Nevermind, I see you made it in.

Hey Doc, welcome to ADI!

I’m sure you’ll have an excellent time in the verse. What aspect of Star Citizen are you most interested in trying out?

welcome doc you joined a great team can’t wait to shoot the breeze and kill some pirates with ya

Hey, I’m not sure what the next step is as far the org…
Also, I’d like to change my div preference from Transpo to Fleet Security. Pretty sure I’ve logged enough combat and flight hours (real and virtual) to handle that :D.

Hey Doc, To change Divs just contact your chain of command in Transport. Send them a DM on Discord or if you see them on Mumble. Remember to reach out to the TLs first.

Commerce & Transportation - Atlas Defense Industries

Welcome to the Team, DocHollywood! OEF vet and psychiatrist here. I look forward to running with you in the 'Verse!

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