Hey guys

Hi im DumontShang. It is my pleasure to be in here. Hope we can have fun in the future.

Welcome aboard DumontShang! I’m glad to have you drop by the org. And I look forward to playing with you.

I’m glad to see that you are interested in Mining and Salvage. You’ll have to let me know what your favorite ship is.

Hi Durmont,

Welcome to ADI, glad to see you made it over here. Are there any ships you want to try out? Hope to see you in mumble soon.

Greetings DumontShang, welcome to ADI! What aspects of SC do you find most interesting? What profession(s) are you most looking forward to when the game is live? You’re definitely in a good Org to get with a great group of people and have some fun in the verse! If you find you’ve got any questions about SC or ADI please don’t hesitate to make them known. PMs are always welcome.

Hey DumontShang! Welcome to ADI. I am looking forward to seeing you around mumble and discord. Say hi if you see me around. Looking forward to playing the game with you! See you around.