Hey everybody!

Hey all, name is Alyon - pronounce that how you wish. Alien, A-Lion, Elion. Doesn’t matter!

Looking forward to playing with everyone.



Hi Alyon, nice meeting you in the lobby. And good that you figured out how mumble works by yourself :smiley: . Looking forward to roam the verse with you. Which division did you join and in what role you want to be?

Cheers Changenl

Hey buddy,

Really enjoyed onboarding you just now. Very welcome to have you in ADI.

Welcome aboard Alyon! (Elllliot…)

If your unsure of that reference… then I’m old :frowning:

But Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! I am Lexton, one of your resident Prospects. My job is to make sure you feel welcome within the Organization, answer any questions you might have about ADI, Divisions, Star Citizen or help with general Technical Support if you should need it. Best way to reach me is the PM System here on the forums, or if you want to look through the massive member list on the Org Page through RSI… your more then free to hit me up on Spectrum.

Again, Welcome to ADI!

(Fleet Security Division Rules!) =D

Hi Alyon,

It’s excellent to have you joining us. I’m glad you’re here with ADI. I look forward to having you around in the community and flying next to you in the verse. Best wishes to you my friend