Hey all I'm LeoTolstoy.

Hey all, I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.

I am 1 week in to the game and a few days in to the org. Recruitment was on top of their game. Thx CopperSock.

I have never played a flight or space sim so am finding the learning curve rather steep, but am enjoying the process. Battle Royale seems like a fine testing ground.

Never considered joining an Organization while buying in but after reading about ADI I realized how much more it will add to the game and immersion.

Anyway, short and sweet of it…glad to be aboard and look forward to getting to know y’all.


Welcome aboard!


I agree the learning curve can be a bit overwhelming. Be sure you jump onto mumble and there are others who will jump at the chance to fly with ya so you can become more proficient.


Yeah I will most certainly do that, everyone has been super helpful so far and I am just now starting to feel more comfortable with my flight controls and feel i am at least proficient enough to take directions. At first I was just flopping around like a fish, LOL.

Welcome Leo,

This is a great org. all mature audience with spectacular leadership, we are all excited for new members so welcome!