Hey all from Fiyero

Returning player, was under an old account name VandarTokare, but left and now have a new account under this name. Glad to be back and part of the verse and organization again. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Welcome back to ADI, Fiyero! Glad to hear you are with us again. Whatca flying this time around?

Welcome back to ADI and SC Fayero :slight_smile:

Always good to see people come back.
Hope to see you soon on Mumble and Discord.

See you in the Verse!

Welcome back Fiyero_Tigaar - Just realized from reddit that SC:Imagine video came out 4 years ago - and pupil to planet 3 years ago. The game has come a long way in that time. Enjoy your time in the verse!

Thanks Nilen!

I currently have the Freelancer package but also bought the Hercules C2, Mercury Star Runner and would like to buy the Endeavor with the hospital bay modules for medical/support possibly next year.

The Herc an Merc are both beautiful ships. I love the design language of crusader so far. The Endeavor is a interesting ship, i am looking forward to where they go with it.

Welcome back to ADI and to StarCitizen @Fiyero_Tigaar hope to see you around!

Welcome back Fiyero. SC’s getting better all the time, so it’s a great time to dive back in. Great bunch of ships too.

Glad to have you back Fiyero_Tigaar!

Welcome back Fiyero! Glad to have you back, and make sure to get with us in mumble for some adventures in the 'verse! See you soon!

Welcome back to ADI, glad to have you back man, i see you in the verse =D

Welcome or Welcome back lol

Welcome back! Glad things have turned around and that you were able to come back to the game and the org. See you around!

glad to have you with us again Fiyero what division are you apart of?

Welcome back Fiyero!

I am part of the Transportation and Commerce Division.

Greetins @Fiyero_Tigaar

Glad to have you with us. See you around the verse!

nice, i am part of Private contracting services, hope to fly escort for you in the near future :slight_smile:

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