Help please! Mumble is not working with me

Hey guys sorry to bother you but having issues using mumble. I haven’t reinstalled it or changed rigs but for some reason it is not letting me join the server. Any help would be appreciated.

have a save copy of your cert in a folder somewhere and do the usual unintall and reinstall see if that works

OKay I tried that however I am getting a wrong certificate or password error now. Sadly I am at a lose here.

If this issue has not already been resolved for you, next time you try to log into Mumble, put a 1 at the end of your name and one of the staff members will help you get a new cert.

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@Shreadfang As @Fiyero_Tigaar said. When you try to log on to Mumble put a 1 at the end of your username and it should let you in. When you get in just wait in the lobby and a staff member will join you as soon as possible to fix it for you.

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