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Hi all,
I fixed this, the solution was easy. Despite me opening Star Citizen and the mouse and keyboard profile switching through Ghub, Mumble was still working in the background and was taking commands from the default ‘Desktop’ profile (I had also changed the mouse button 4 key to something else inte h default profile). Anyway, I’ve assigned the key in both Desktop profile and the SC profile and it now works. Thanks to everyoner in the bar for being patient with me while I went in and out of the room today.

Original message below

Morning everyone,
I’m having a few technical issue with my mouse and the push to talk feature.
I have a Logitech G502 mouse which I use through the latest GHub software. Last night, I set up different profiles for the games that I pay and now my keyboard and mouse switch lighting and button configuration depending upon whether I’m at desktop or in another App/Game - it’s great.
I have noticed that the ‘/’ button located above our Num pad is not used in star citizen for either FPS or flight control.
I therefore assigned ‘push to talk’ on Mumble as ‘/’. I also assigned a mouse button (through GHub and specifically within the StarCitizen profile which I’ve created) to that key as well. However, when I open Star Citizen I cannot talk by pressing that mouse button, it does not register on Mumble.

  • So with the above, I assume that Mumble is not running through Ghub, it’s taking direct input from the keyboard and mouse. That’s fine…
    So I tried this… I went in to Ghub and unassigned the mouse button (it’s mouse button 4 btw) and restored to default which is ‘Forward’. I then went in to Mumble and assigned that mouse button as push to talk.
    However, when I enter Star Citizen again I still can’t talk on mumble.

Apologies if the above is not making sense :confused:

All Fixed


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