help a disabled vet move back home

Im trying to help a friend get home. He is a disabled war veteran stuck in Rhode Island(his last duty station when transferred to National Guard) and trying to get back home to North Carolina.

Im trying to spread the word and maybe have others spread the word as well because the more who know the more might be able to help him out. i dont have much for social media friends so the best thing i could do is spread the word through all my gaming community outlets and hope for the best

this is a copy from his fundraiser page:

"My name is Shayne and i am a disabled war veteran. I joined the Army back in 2006 and served with honor for 8 years before disability prevented me from continuing. After years of service and flying in Black Hawk helicopters, i now have moderate seperation of my spine, as well as some other issues i would rather not discuss. It is not at the stage where i am in a wheelchair, but that is a very possible future. For now i can walk and spend time with my children, but can no longer lift what i use to, or even stand for a long peroid of time. This has made finding work a bit difficult and while my wife is doing the best she can, we are still struggling without me being able to work.

I currently live in Rhode Island because this is where my service contract ended, and the cost of living here is crazy. $1200 for the appartment im in and thats about average, not to mention the utility bills and other essential costs each month. Its a bit much for us to handle and we would very much like to move back to North Carolina where we have family and friends and the cost of living is far far less.

Unfortunately I am not the person i use to be, so packing up and loading/unloading the moving truck is far far more difficult and time consuming for me to do. I am looking for any donations possible to help with the move. The money will be used to aquire a moving truck and packers/movers to help pack up the house and load it in the truck for the move. With the cost of living here being so high we have been unsuccessful in saving the money required for such a life change(moving cost, movers cost, first/last rent for new place to live). We have been able to save a little, but we really need outside help to make this dream happen. Once we are able to move back to North Carolina our life will be back on track and alot more stress free for myself and my family.

I really appreciate everyone reading this and understand asking for the kindness of strangers is a long shot, but we are running out of options and the longer we live in RI the more we get stuck in the rut.
Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and anyone who can forward this to friends and family would be appreciated as well.

Thank you all kindly."

please pass this on and spread the word. lets help this veteran make it home

Donated and shared it out!

appreciate the donation and especially spreading the word out.

as a side perk, since all of this is being generated through “gaming resources” it would be a major surprise to his wife if we pulled this off, especially since she is always bad mouthing that he enjoys online games and has online friends(which she thinks are not real friends)