I am applying to join as SC is better with people to play with (particularity when they don’t like interpersonal drama either)! I remember playing Wing Commander and Privateer back in the day.

Welcome DavidMS to ADI - I don’t like Drama either - SC is amazing with friends. What ships / roles do you most look forward to?

Howdy DavidMS, and welcome to ADI. Nice chatting with you tonight. I think you will enjoy C&T. Good luck out there, and look forward to flying with you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI, DavidMS! Which division are you in?.

Weclome to ADI, DavidMS!

Games like this are definitely better in a group, the Org run large scale ops which are great fun. There are normally a fair few people online in mumble & in game throughout the day, look forward to catching up with you in game!

Welcome to ADI DavidMS :slight_smile:

It truely is and we are very happy to have yo with us.
See you in the Verse.

Hey, DavidMS! It sounds like this is the right place for you. We play a lot of SC and we have an extreme aversion to drama. See you around!

Hello DavidMS,

Star Citizen is a dream come true for many of us. Glad to have you with us. Welcome to ADI!

Glad to have another pilot in the group, welcome to Atlas!

Welcome to the org and game DavidMs, If you are curious about anything please let us know

Hello DavidMS glad to have you part of the org. cant wait till we see you in the verse =D

Thank you all! I am in Commerce and Transportation. I have a Arrow and a Cutlass Black. Think I may end up with a few more. I hope to mostly do lots of cargo rims and mining /salvage support (transport) at least at this point. I do plan on taking the ground combat/marine certs to expand what I can do comfortably. Eventually I want to get good enough with flying to support some of the more kinetic operations.