New to the forums. Look forward to meeting everyone.

Welcome look forward to seeing you on.

Heylo, WardenMac, Welcome to ADI! what are you most excited about in the game?

Welcome, WardenMac! Always happy to have another member in the ADI ranks. See you around!

Welcome WardenMac, what do you enjoy doing in Star Citizen? What is your favorite ship? ADI is a great place, glad to have you onboard!

Welcome to ADI, im looking forward to see you in the verse =D

Welcome Warden! Make yourself at home in the forums and pull up a seat. So what catches your eye in the Universe of Star Citizen?

Welcome to ADI WardenMac :slight_smile:

Always people on Mumble and Discord so feel free to hop on.
Hope to see you soon.

Welcome to ADI, WardenMac!

Look forward to catching up with you in game

Hey WardenMac,

Glad to have you with us, welcome to ADI.


Welcome to ADI WardenMac!