Hello everyone my name is captnkanukles and I am new to Space Citizen. I have been trying to familiarize my self with all the different aspects of the game but have run into a lot of bugs. I am eager to learn and understand how the game works and i am interested in fleet security or survey and exploration. Looking forward to playing with you all.

Hello and welcome to ADI.

Heylo captnkanukles! Welcome to ADI.

Yeah there are still a few bugs in the game to sort out, but hey still an alpha, What do you fly?

Hey cap welcome to ADI! don’t mean to be a nazi but its star citizen and also looking forward to seeing you in the 'verse if you could lead the way to a new frontier!

Welcome aboard! Hope to see you in the verse soon.

Hello Captnkanukles, welcome to ADI! You’ll find other members can be quite helpful in understanding current bugs. If your having trouble with something in particular just reach out to others via Mumble or Discord. I hope to see you around the verse!

Welcome to the organization Captnkanukles!

Welcome to ADI, ya there alot of bugs but there working them out mostly server issues but cant wait till we see you in the verse =D

Welcome Captnkanukles!

There are a number of bugs, but they are getting fewer! What ship(s) do you currently pilot?