Just wanted to say hello

Hello Jadeo. Welcome to ADI. I had a good time chatting with you in Mumble.

You sounded interested in Fleet Security. Always nice to meet someone willing to defend ADI and its members. Your Hornet Ghost will come in handy there for sure.

Hope to see you in the PU sometime. Let me know if you need a turret gunner, or if you want to load that ghost up for me sometime. :wink:

Welcome to ADI Jadeo you have found a great group of people that will help in many ways from control setup ideas to covering your 6 in a dog fight and many more things if you have any questions just ask I will see you in game soon I’m sure

Welcome Jadeo,

It’s great that you found ADI. I’m glad you’re interested in joining us. I think with 3.0 coming out this will be an especially exciting time for you to be around. I look forward to getting to know you better, and having you flight with us sometime on a Friday Flight Night. All the best

Hello Jadeo,
Welcome aboard, hope to see ya soon in Mumble/Discord. Any ideas on what your future plans are in Star Citizen?

Howdy Jadeo,

Welcome to ADI. I was wondering what you are most interested in doing in Star Citizen? I was also curious as to what other games you enjoy playing. Look forward to chatting with you and hope you have a great weekend. Thanks again for joining ADI.