just joined yesterday, heard of the game from a friend and joined your team yesterday, need help in the game what should i do?

Hello KatiaVanDiz. Welcome to ADI.

There is a lot to learn being a new player in Star Citizen. There isn’t that much to do in the game as of yet, but hopefully the 3.0 patch will drop soon and fix that. For now, there are some missions you can do. You can use the F1 key to find these.

Have you considered if you want to upgrade your starter ship before alpha is over? Many people will be starting with an Aurora or Mustang, but you can always get a head start. :wink:

Hope to see you on Mumble to finish up the joining process. Glad to have you.

welcome katiavandiz, yes its a bit of a learning curve but np we will help you out. no dumb questions here. just jump in the PU. If I see you will get in and see what I can help you with.

Hello KatiaVanDiz,

Welcome to ADI. That’s great that a friend told you about the game and that you decided to join us. 3.0 will really be an exciting time for ADI as we spend more time together as an org. I’m looking forward to flying with you and I hope you find yourself at home here in the coming days ahead. Best wishes

Hiya Katiavandiz,
Great to have you on the team! Hope to see ya soon in Discord/Mumble and we can get your questions answered and pointed in the direction you would like to go. There’s so many avenues to pursue in SC, that’s one of the thing’s that makes it so awesome!

Welcome to ADI katiavandiz we have plenty of members willing to help with any questions you have. Just post some questions on Discord in the Org_chat or jump on mumble in any of the Star Citizen channels and most will be happy to help or send you to someone that can help. I will see you around

thanks for the welcoming guys, where can i meet you in the game?

how can i join the pilots fighting team

Welcome to ADI katiavandiz,

Star Citizen is going to be a wonderful universe of exciting possibilities. I would first figure out what ships you might enjoy. If you need some spawned any one of us in the Org would be happy to spawn a few for you. From there the universe is at your hands. I myself really enjoy exploration and I will be very interested to see how bounty hunting ends up being. 3.0 will give us all a nice bigger picture at what Star Citizen will be. If you have any questions feel free to ask away.

Thanks again for joining ADI!