Hello :)

Hello all, I’m Josh and I’m from England. Nice to meet you all and will hopefully join you all in Star citizen soon :slight_smile:

Hey Josh,

Welcome to the crew! What’s your favorite thing about SC so far? What’re you looking forward to most? :slight_smile:

Hello anotherjosh. Welcome to ADI.

Good to see another member from across the pond. I’m over here in New England. :wink:

This is a good time to join an org, especially one like ADI. With 3.0 right around the corner there should be a lot of exciting gameplay coming our way. Have you thought about what you might do when it finally lands? I know I’m heading straight for my Freelancer to run some cargo.

Glad to have you on board.

Hello Josh from England! Thanks for joining ADI. Hope you are having a great week so far. I was curious what other games you enjoy playing? Also was wondering what you want to do the most in Star Citizen. I myself really want to do Exploration with some Bounty Hunting! Look forward to talking with you and flying. Have a great day!

Hi Josh,

It’s great to have you join us! I look forward to seeing you around. I hope you find yourself at home here in the coming days. A great way to get to know people is to spend time in mumble playing games with other players. You’ll also find useful info on the forums and on the calendar on the website. All the best

Welcome Aboard Josh!

Look forward to flying with you in the Verse, and if you have questions about SC or the ORG be sure to hit me up in a PM here on the forums or catch me on Mumble when I’m not stuck at work.

Again Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries anotherjosh!

welcome anotherjosh , make yourself at home at ADI. We have a lot of people happy to help you out. I know our forums can be a bit to keep up with at times but a great way to get to know everyone, and good info to keep you up to date. look forward to flying with you in the PU>

Welcome anotherjosh! We’re glad to have you here at ADI.

welcome to ADI anotherjosh you have joined a great group we will have a lot of fun while we wait for the next big thing in SC so jump into the PU with us and lets enjoy this ride together.