Hey Guys

Excited about this new game and excited about joining your organisation.

really keen to learn to PVP. that’s what I thrive in.

see you in space o7

Welcome to the Org!

Since you love PvP maybe you can be my escort for my mining excavations!
Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Hello Knightlancer,

It was nice to meeting you on mumble. I hope you have a nice start in the org and will have fun.
Dont forget to check our calendar for upcoming events. I told you about our flight nights, a good practice flying in formations, using brevities and do some combat. If you need more training, jump in mumble or discord. You may get someone training with you.

See you around here and the verse.

Welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard! We always need some good tackle and blockers for the space trucks I will be driving. :smiley:


Glad to have you as part of ADI. It’s always nice to have more security around.