My name is Dominik but u can call me Ronin . Iv transfer from IGA where I was second officer of Security Dep
I hope that we will all have a good time playing together. If u have any questions about me fell free to ask.

Thank you for accepting my application


Welcome!!! Onboarding you now :smiley:

Hi Ronin,

Welcome to ADI. It’s nice to have you aboard, and a pleasure chatting with you. I’m looking forward to flying together. Check out our flight night. You can usually find someone to fly with on any given evening. Best Wishes.

Hey Ronin, welcome to ADI. See you in mumble.

Welcome Ronin!

We’re glad to have you! I’m sure you’ll fit in well and can share some of your knowledge and expertise from your previous role.

I look forward to getting to know you better!

See you in the 'Verse!

Hey Ronin and welcome to the family.

I am looking forward to meet you on Mumble. And maybe get to know a bit more about you experiences.

Greetings from Switzerland


We’re glad to have you at ADI. I look forward to talking to you on mumble. If you need anything or have any questions don’t hesitate to send me a PM. See you in the verse.

Hey there Ronin - welcome to the ADI family, its great to have you joining us and I am sure you will have a great time gaming with the community here!

If you ever find you have any questions about the Org - don’t hesitate to reach out to me (or any other team lead) directly. There are enough of us around the world that at least one of us should be able to be reached at any time. You can reach out here on the forums, on discord, or grab one of us if you see us active on mumble.

Welcome again and I look forward to seeing you around and gaming with you!

Hello Ronin,

Very welcome to ADI. Security will surely be important, so happy to have you with us.

Hi and welcome @Ronin25Gaming to ADI glad to see you with us and if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to send me a PM on here, discord or just grab me if you see me on Mumble and I’ll do my best to help you we are all here to help each other at the end of the day. I’m always about if you just want to fly or play a few rounds of star marine that’s great with me. well hope to see you soon

Hello Ronin25Gaming,

welcome to ADI,

As you may have noticed,

you have a question -> Discord and mumble
you need help -> discord and mumble
You need training -> flight night on the weekend and as you want
You want to communicate with us, you re welcome to join us in discord and mumble.
You want a team with fairplay, commucation, friendship, loyalty and so much more --> you already get, you joined ADI.

Your presence is welcome and we meet us soon in mumble or in the verse.
See you