My name is Vashti. I am part of the Asset Protection and Recovery division.
I am hoping to focus a majority of my time on search and rescue, hostage recovery, and “hot zone” deep recovery. However, I will do what I am need to do as the Org needs my services. I enjoy helping others outside of my AP&R duties, so let me know if you ever require help.

In my “free time” I plan to explore systems to discover lore about ancient civilizations. I will be researching the back story of the Verse. Maybe I can bring something useful home one day!

I fly the Freelancer MIS, the Freelancer DUR, and the Red Cutlass.

I am a minor role player, but for the purpose of introduction I will tell you a little about who I am outside of the Verse.

I live in Colorado. I own a retail appliance store and appliance repair service. I am an amateur race car driver, I race SpecZ (350Z) 16 days a year.

It’s nice to meet you all. I am thrilled to be part of this game and part of this Org! Thank you!

Welcome to ADI!


I’m a fledgling member of AP&R myself :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI and the verse. :sunglasses:

Higher IQ, don’t brag!

Greetings Vashti!

Maybe we’ll fly together on some mission some time in the future if I(after hopefully successfully graduating the training) get assigned on escort duty for one of your SAR missions.

Best of luck!


I’ve heard enough. We can be friends now. Welcome aboard!

Excellent! If you are with me grab some eye drops, I plan to fly the missions in the “hot zones”, we will have a great fun!

Ohh I already knew we were friends the first time I saw your storm trooper avatar!

Welcome to ADI!

Empire Poppin’, Rebels Droppin’!