I am Jland

I love space sims. I have played wing commander 1-3 freelancer, Xing and X2 X3 after X rebirth I was very disappointed, so I was slow to join SC. If you recognized those games and know I bought them new and played on my 486 sx or my 486 dx 100 then you know I am older… I configure mumble but all I get is server time outs. If anyone could should me some pointer that would be great. I did follow the pdf for setup and have the skin loaded an all, so beats me. I have bought the cheapest ship possible and have joined the UTP but am having a tuff time getting started. In game I think I am missing something because I can not do anything besides training sim and look at my hanger.

thanks and looking forward to flying with you all.

Self solved own mumble issue, was the firewall setting. moved it to low and now mumble works.

Welcome Jland!

You might give Rebirth another shot, it’s been improved greatly with the latest patches. :slight_smile:

As for Star Citizen you’re not missing anything. Arena Commander (the Drone/Spectrum sim) and walking around in your hanger is the extent of the game at this point basically. Within Spectrum Match you can free flight, Vanduul Swarm and race with others though.

First step would be to get you on Mumble though! I’d try starting with a post in the tech support forum with exact error messages and what you’ve tried so far. Worst case scenario you might have someone Teamviewer into your PC to help get you setup.