Hello Verse

Hello everyone,

I am with Star Citizen since 2013 and now I am glad I have finally found a great community within the Verse. On Terra I live in Hamburg/Germany and born in1979.
I am trying to get more engaged into star citizen again. My Favourite ships are the Sabre and the Carrack which I also own. Additionally I spend some time with my Argo Mole perfecting Mining Procedures (unfortunately after a few updates it becomes harder finding rocks which you can mine as single player).
I like to operate out of Levski. If I am not mining I complete Courier jobs and of course lend a helping hand to whoever needs it (except that one time I got killed aboard my Carrack as it was Hijacked…so I am a litte more careful with that).

Anyways, thanks for having me and I am glad to be here.

Regards, Cro Mag


Hi Cro_Mag, welcome to ADI.
There’s loads of people in the org that will go mining with you. As of 3.11 it’s gotten a little more dangerous so it’d be fun to have an escort aswell.
I look forward to meeting you in mumble and hearing about that hijack.

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Hey @Cro_Mag, welcome to the ADI,

The offtopic question, Are you Croatian? considering your name :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI @Cro_Mag!

This Org is the reason I play star citizen as much as I do. If you have any questions just ask. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI, @Cro_Mag! I assume you landed in M&T? What role in the game, not yet in, interests you the most?


Cool to see another long term backer in the org. Curious to see someone really like Levski, I have hardly been there my year and a half of playing!

Welcome to ADI, @Cro_Mag! Glad to see more less-combat oriented players join the org; I’ve been trying my hand at the mining and commerce stuff just to make sure I have something to do when we’re not at war.

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Welcome to ADI, I’m also a 1979 baby, always great to see folks with little things in common, see you in the verse!

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@Cro_Mag, welcome to ADI, getting hijacked is harder when you have a few friends on the server to help ya out, or even if you do get hijacked it is easier to remedy the situation. Hope to see you on mumble soon.

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Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Cro! Thanks for being such an early backer of this project as well. Mining and Courier work can be lucrative and Levski’s generally pretty quite so it sounds like you’ve a great spot.

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Hey itsraven, no, Cromag was my call sign back in the days and is derived from cro magnum…cave man :smiley: You know…“food…goood” “me make fire”…So, since I started Star Citizen as flyier, I used my old Call sign here

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Thank you. I will try to make more time for Star Citizen (the imperator at home does not approve that much, but then again, she is not always gere :smiley:).

Just installed 3.11 on a fresh PC. So now I need to configure all controls again…whcih will take some time. Are you guys adding everyone to the friendslist? Or do they now have the clan Connection active in the messenger?

Thank you Llydon,

in the future I would like to go deeper with exploration. My skills as Pilot are okay, I suck at hand to hand combat though. So I need to train my foot-soldier skills for sure. Fyling wise I was able to develop a few combat engagement procedures…well, most of them may not work now, but for sure I need to test out the close combat fight. Other than that, I consider all these things as necessary skills in order to conduct the whole exploring thing, including supporting role (Transport of required goods, personnell etc… and on-site coordination, if this is ever possible (sensors depicting the battlefield are required for that).

LOL…Well, to be honest…Levski was the most fluent experience…not many people and the elevators work :smiley: I basically was stranded on new babbage…whatever I tried I needed several hours to leave that place. Either I died on takeoff, or elevators got stuck…or I fell through the train…or Server disconnected…
I like the G-Lock Bar on ArkCorp though…

Welcome to the Org. Be sure to hop on Mumble or Discord if you have any questions or want to party up. I hope to meet you soon on Mumble. Take care.

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Welcome to ADI! You will find that having a good group of friends to play with is always a good time. Hope you are enjoying your self with us so far, and see you in the verse!

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Hi Cro_Mag, Welcome to ADI. I also own a Carrack which is my favorite ship. The hijacking sounds like an interesting story. Would like to hear more about it. Looking forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI @Cro_Mag! Nov m hijackings do happen but remember you’re with friends now. There are always folks in mumble that will be up for Mining with you or at the very least running security for you, just ask. You’ll never find a better community to fly with! See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Cro_Mag. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to see you in ADI’s mass org ops.

Hey, we usually add people to eachothers friends list as we play with them. You’ll usually end up in an in-game party and realised that you haven’t already added someone. No need to go through the whole org to add.

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