Hello There ADeye!

How are you?

If im on, hit me up, there is no real goal except for trying out the features. Ill shoot, ill fly, ill mine, ill rotate ship insurance cooldowns (for big ship)

My play style i prefer to “mine” for resources unless provoked, I keep an eclipse for that.

My question to you is:

If i have access to a Idris-P vs. a Polaris/Carrack. which combo would be preferred…

Hi @Gigglesworth,

Welcome to ADI.

Gotta say I love your attitude and I can’t agree more about the state of the game is trying them features out.

As for your question I would say whichever options gets the job done :slight_smile:

I’m on mumble a lot so feel free to say Hi when you see me :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Gigglesworth! I think there are pros and cons to the ships you are asking about. The Idris is going to need more people/npc to keep it running and CIG has stated they didn’t think the Idris will have a positive cash flow for most people. The Polaris and Carrack combo would need less people/NPC per ship, but would need more if you wanted to fly both at the same time. I have the Polaris and Carrack and I looked at the Idris, my personal decision was the Idris is awesome, but I couldn’t see me using it as much as the Carrack for exploration/trading or the Polaris for fighting. Also we have a number of Org members with Idris and I am sure they will need people or pilots to help run it when we go to war with another Org.

Welcome to ADI, Gigglesworth. I have not personally seen any of those ships, but am hearing good things about the Idris but it needs too many bodies. So with that in mind I would go for Polaris. Anyways, im glad you joined up! See you in the verse!

Hi Gigglesworth, welcome to ADI!

Welcome Gigglesworth! I’d recommend going with the Polaris/Carrack combo.

HI Gigglesworth and welcome to the org. As for the question honestly would be whatever fit your style.

Welcome to ADI Gigglesworth. I’m glad you joined the team. I like to break rocks too.

Greetings Gigglesworth, Welcome to ADI. I too like to break rocks. You ship combos suggest otherwise :slight_smile: I am enjoying my Carrack loaner and ADI is great team to make the big ships “dance”.

Welcome to ADI! Sounds like you have a plan for fun :slight_smile: As for your question, hard to say since only Carrack is flyable. I would have to wait and see what the others play like once we can get our hands on them :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Hello GigglesWorth and welcome to ADI! Glad to see you enjoy and pursue a large number of interests in Star Citizen. We have many different divisions and jobs that you don’t even have to stick to. Allowing you to play how you want when you want with other like minded individuals. Hope to see you in the Verse!
…and sorry I don’t know much about the Capital ships.

Hello, Welcome to ADI. Glad you joined us, SC offers lots of things todo, I love to do cargo runs and mining, See you in the verse.

Hello Gigglesworth! and Welcome to the Org

A miny miner with sharp teeth to beware of I see :slight_smile:

Now regarding your question: I would go with the Carrack as it would give you all the options of exploration, mining and can take a hit (with its current state) + it would take less people to operate it.

Hope we see you in the next Org Op.


Yes my ship question is questionable out of context.

When i imagine a Idris being used (commercially) I see a ship with a small fleet of mining vessels and a cargo hold to bring small ships out to a place that is more personal for filling that hold and returning to market or meet with a large cargo ships.

When i see a Polaris/Carrack i think they are a great planet side base ship with room for some light mining vehicles or a prospector, and a hold designed for regular rendezvous with some medium sized cargo ships, freelance max-ish.

Yeah big miners are great for the FFA mining rush, im thinking of fringe mining where the good ore waits.

Im looking forward to Hide and Seek:

  • learning to hide signals while mining,
    -coordinating with hornet tracker/ghost patrols,
    -Getting dispatched to a sector of space on a hot tip of an ore spawn,
    -I want to be that prospector enjoying the view of his corp-mates knocking pirates off the grid while i tick up the revenue mini game!
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Welcome yo ADI!
I hope to see you online soon in this awesome game!
Choose whatever combo you feel is right for you!

Have a good one!

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