Hello from Tronne


Not entirely sure what to type so I’ll just free form it and see where it goes.

I’ve been gaming since the early 80s and played every single Wing Commander game on day 1 of each release. 11 years in Everquest (Wizard), 6 years in WoW (Paladin), 1.5 years in VR Elite Dangerous (Corvette), and most every other game in between. I fly with a full Thrustmaster HOTAS + Peddle system but have only had Star Citizen for a few days so still getting all of my button mapping and Voice Attack controls setup. Currently I have a LTI Cutlass Black but am planning on picking up an LTI Gladius Variant in the next few days.

I work in entertainment (specifically animation) so can disappear for a while here and there during crunch time. I recently finished up on Season 3 of a popular animated TV show and I was living at the studio for the last month or so of production.

Goals in the game… honestly no clue at this point since so much of the game still is not there. I am big on air combat but with all the possible options out there eventually who knows where my interest will lead.

I found out about your guild due to the email sent out after I created my account. I also had a long chat with Rencelak last night and liked everything he told me about your org.

That is all that I can think of right now but am happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

See you in the black…

Hey Tronne, nice to meet you.

Hello Tronne. Welcome to ADI.

Sounds like you’ve got a pretty solid gaming background and hardware setup. You may be able to teach me a thing or two. :wink:

Working in entertainment, especially animation, must be an interesting job. I’m personally a big fan of a number of animated series. I really like how there is a place for adult oriented animated shows and am always impressed with the quality of the work produced by many of them.

Glad to have you on board.

Hi Tronne,

I’m glad to have you join us. It sounds like you’re an experienced gamer from back in the good old days :slight_smile:. I played a mage in wow since vanilla days to present. That’s awesome you played all the Wing Commander games. It will be good once 3.0 comes out for yourself and the rest of us to get a better feel for what gameplay is like in SC. I look forward to having you with us and flying with you. All the best

Welcome to ADI Tronne I had a good time talking with you last night you will make a great asset to the org and seem to be ready for some flight time with everyone if you are ready and free join us in the evenings we normally have a few guys on Friday and Saturday evenings hope to see you around.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Tronne!

It was good getting to know you a bit tonight during your onboarding, looking forward to seeing you around the verse!

Welcome Tronne,
Very impressive background, glad to have you in FS. Hopefully we cross paths soon and we can bump wingtips! cya in the 'verse

Welcome to ADI Tronne.

It’s fascinating that you work in Entertainment specifically animation! Sounds like you are quite excited about 3.0 coming out. Love how enthusiastic and passionate you are about video games. You will fit right in. I look forward to flying with you in the verse and chatting. Thanks again for joining ADI.