Hello from Rinni

Glad to say hello, looking forward to assisting as needed. Love the game so far.``````````````

Welcome to ADI, Rinni. Onboarding you now

Hi Rinni - welcome to the org and to MSS!

Hello renni :wink:

Hi Rinni,

A warm welcome to ADI. Altough buggy everytime I start 3.0 I’ve got a big grin in my face loving it too!

Hi Rinni,

Welcome to ADI. I’m glad you’re liking SC. It’s turning out to be an awesome game, even in the alpha stages. I can’t wait to see how things go in beta and beyond. If you’re on come play with us while in mumble. It’s a great way to know ADI members. All the best as you get settled in

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Rinni!

Welcome Aboard Rinni!

If you have any questions about the verse, Organization, or life in general (Tech,Games,Computers,etc) feel free to reach out to me via the PM system here on the forms.

Hope you come to enjoy Atlas Defense Industries and find a role where you feel at home with.

Again, Welcome!

Hey Rinni!

Welcome to ADI! its great to have you aboard! cant wait to see you in game with us!

if there is anything you need just hit me up and i’ll get you sorted out!