Hello from Raptor!

Hey all,

I am a kickstarter backer that finally found an org to call home. Looking forward to being a part of the ADI team. I have a Carrack, Andromeda, Hurricane, Archimedes, and Nox Kue. Hoping for some good exploration, combat and racing.

See you guys in the verse!


Hi Raptor, welcome aboard! I am Marcko one of the new Prospects here at Atlas Defense Industries, if you have any questions feel free to look me up here, or on mumble or Discord, maybe even in the PTU, take care!

Welcome! Had a great time getting to know you tonight, looking forward to having you as part of the org!

Hi Raptor,

A warm welcome to the org. Looking forward to fly with you!

Bye Changenl

Welcome to ADI Raptor glad you decided to call ADI your home it seems like you have a great fleet I think you have chosen a great group to join we like to have fun in SC as well as other games while we wait for SC to reach what we are all looking for. I look forward to seeing you around.

Greetings: Welcome to Atlas!

You have been around a long time then!

I think you will find this Org to be a great Org, it is active and helpful.

Nice Ship selection as well;)

Captain Kern:

welcome Raptor2442, sounds like a good line up you have. are you in 2.6 or 3.0?

Hello Raptor,

I’m glad you’re here with ADI! Sounds like you have a nice little fleet going, that’s great to hear. The more plays and ships the merrier. I look forward to seeing you online and flying together sometime. I hope you find ADI to be a welcoming place. All the best as you get settled in here.