Hello from Raddax

Hey guys. Raddax here. Been a long time backer of SC but only recently started actually delving into the verse now that the game is getting more developed. Looking forward to hopefully flying with ya’ll soon.

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Het Raddax, Welcome to ADI. Glad to have you onboard!

Raddax, welcome to ADI, so glad to have you with us! if you ever need help i am more than happy to assist. Remember to check out the pinned messages on the forum to find out about things like our uniform and how operations work. hope to play with you in the verse soon

Welcome to ADI Raddax. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in Mining & Salvage’s weekly mining mission ops.

Hi Raddax, welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying? See you in Mumble.

Right now I’m splitting my time between my super hornet and my prospector… can’t wait for my larger ships to come into the game… used to be a wormhole dweller in eve online so I’m looking forward to stealth recon, exploring, and industry/production… got me a pioneer and Orion in hopes that Indy is a big component in this game … looking forward to play this as the game develops.

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Good Day Raddax, Welcome back to Star Citizen and Welcome Aboard to ADI. I myself am waiting for the Salvage ships to be of use in the future I hope. Hope to see you in the Mubble lobby and the Verse!!!

I had to Google worm hole dweller on Eve, it seems cool and an interesting twist tot eh game.
I love the stealth potential of SC too.