Hello From Pink Side of the Moon

Hello, I’m Pinkdood, I’m from Oregon, and currently play just about all games. when I’m not gaming I also am currently a full time student whom should graduate in the next year or so if all works out so school comes first then games if I get time for them. I have a puppy named Remi, and currently being a dog dad is great. Age wise I’m not 18 and not 35 I’m some where in the middle between the two.

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Hi Pinkdood,
Welcome to ADI. What are you looing forward to in the verse?

Hey there FatHead, mostly looking for a group to hang/chill with… i do a lot of mining as I haven’t been able to test out cargo since it’s been unprofitable for the most part. Starting to get into Bounty missions as flying a fighter is pretty fun.

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Hey Pinkdood, welcome to the org. Hope you finish school on a high note. You’ll find this org accommodates everyone of any age for the most part and all that really matters is respecting each other. I’ve yet to have any kind of problem or drama with anyone in the org.

Anyway, hope to see you in the verse and feel free to reach out if you see me online.

Congrats on the puppy and best of luck in your scholastic pursuits Pinkdood! Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI pinkdood. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to playing with you.

I’m looking forward to FPS but it’s broken. I was surprised to find that I enjoy cargo hauling and more so that I actually like the Cat. I’m trying ship to ship bounties but those asteroids, planet surfaces, tree’s and space stations keep killing me just as much as the AI that shoot back :frowning:

Welcome to ADI, Pinkdood! Cargo can be pretty rough. That is what I’ve mainly been doing and have had a lot of good success so far - it can be high risk and high reward since it does require a bit of starting capital - but thats what makes the adrenaline start pumping! Maybe we can do a cargo run over some pints soon :slight_smile: Cheers

yea, I’m planning on buying a C2 soon as I can as Ive somehow managed to miss out on purchasing it prior to now, just waiting for RSI store to have it available again…i missed the last sale when I was out of town… in quite a few game I usually do a mix of cargo, and mining to make all my money…currently trying to decide if I should get the mole or the prospector or stick with the old roc and continue to make bank that way. hardest and most frustrating part atm is not getting 30ked

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The ROC is def fun too, and can make a decent chunk! I am sure there will be another sale soon :slight_smile:

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