Hello from OrvilleX

Hello Star Citizen enthusiasts I’m Orville from Orlando Florida, SC handle OrvilleX. I’m just starting with the game. Playing Alpha version is somewhat frustrating but hanging in there like all of you. SC is so amazing when doesn’t crash but I love it when it works. I have been a gamer since the Atari craze and having so many consoles I don’t know what to do with them, but I still have them all. I currently have the Pisces C8R and the Mercury Star Runner in the Hangar, I love them both. I’m looking for some multi player action and guidance to learn more and get better at it little by little. Looking forward to all the wisdom from the community. Thanks for the opportunity to join. OrvilleX


Welcome to ADI

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Welcome to ADI! I’m down here in Fort Myers. Loved the MSR myself as well but I ended up switching recently.

You found a great org to get some group play and learn about the game.

See you in the verse,


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Welcome to ADI !

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Orville HI!

Let me know when you have some time to jump in mumble so we can finish your onboarding here at ADI and get you into our voice chat and discord servers!

Glad you found us!

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good to meet another MSR owner… My name is Mithras and I have an addiction

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Let set up something for tomorrow if posible. I’m still celebrating my 12 anniversary with my wife today. Looking forward to it, thanks in advance.

I love that MSR, hopefully we can help each other out as well as a gunner or copilot. That way I can learn more mine as well. I’m excited to my new adventures in the Verse with some of the team. I’m interested in the Fleet Pilot roles.

sure hit me up and we can do a few missions

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Welcome Aboard! glad to have you!

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Can somebody help out on the Mumble onboarding. Thanks in advance

@OrvilleX welcome to ADI! It was nice chatting with you earlier, and I look forward to running some missions with you.

Likewise sir, looking forward to it, hit me up anytime…

Welcome! I have to keep reminding myself that it’s an alpha every time something glitches. Just keep reminding yourself that you are playing alpha to learn how to play the game and that will give you an advantage when it actually launches. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI! We have a large player base so you’ll always find a team to play with no matter what you’re up to that day. See you in the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI, @OrvilleX. What do you like to do in game? Maybe we can team up.